World Map Info

The following map shows the general information about Ecotone Telemetry GSP loggers / trackers used worldwide. You may found country / species and logger type info clicking on each point.

GPS-UHF loggers overview

Radio data download loggers

Loggers with radio (UHF) data download are the smallest loggers available in our offer. The main feature (radio download) allowed to reduce logger weight and collect data on local (own) computer during field work. Available in standard version as well with solar panels.
Smallest loggers (from 5g) available with Short Range Download (SRD) system while bigger (from 15g) available with Long Range Download (LRD) system.

Main features of ECOTONE GPS-UHF loggers

Data collected by loggers are downloaded via base station. Each base station is supplied with software. Loggers use radio data transmission. GPS-UHF loggers have enough on-board memory to store 30.000 GPS fixes (positions). GPS fixes, additional data (i.e. from dive sensors), and the current operational parameters are transmitted both ways within a range of base station. Users can change the operating parameters remotely in loggers set on animals by using base station software. Solar-powered loggers have a set of internal algorithms that protect the batteries from being overcharged and from being discharged too fast or too deep. Solar-powered loggers automatically switch into GPS interval every 6 hours and data transmission every 24 hours when the power drops below 3.8V and stop all activities when power drops further. The loggers return to the previous settings when the solar panels recharge the battery to their operating voltage.


GPS-UHF (SRD) Loggers

SRD (Short Range Download) GPS-UHF module is a model line with smallest loggers in our offer.
Started from about 5g of weight (without solar panels) loggers are offered in four types based on battery capacity used (please check details - link below). Loggers comes with diving sensor and logger (option) thus might be used for diving birds. Ideal loggers for short term monitoring during breeding season.

GPS- UHF (LRD) loggers

LRD (Long Range Download) - the most popular GPS-UHF loger in our offer with radio download option - from 15g of weight. In comparison to simple UHF models it gets solar charging as standard thus in addition to battery used data might be downloaded within few kilometres range from base station. Used mostly for breeding birds of prey. Available as backpack in standard and LF (Anti-Cover Ecotone® design) housing, as well as collar ("IBIS" collar design) or leg band.

GPS-UHF collars

To read more about GPS-UHF collars please go to TELEMETRY COLLARS